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For many foreigners, Siberia evokes images of minus temperatures, political exile, oil, the taiga, Altai and …bears. 

In reality, however, Siberia surpasses any singular idea. Not only does it feature enormously varied nature and geography, but its inhabitants range from nomads herding reindeers, shamans talking to spirits and hermits living in the wilds of the taiga to scientists in cutting-edge laboratories, artists renowned worldwide and urbanites surrounded by luxury boutiques, opera houses and museums. 

Hidden Siberia magazine opens a vibrant, witty and impartial window on Siberia with a focus on life as lived by real people. It offers a rare glimpse into authentic culture and traditions, history and geography, natural wonders and wildlife. Expressive, honest, sometimes humorous and always dazzling the magazine will appeal to all who seek to discover the real Siberia.

Featuring intelligent journalism and stunning photography, the magazine provides a rare perspective on unknown Siberia. It offers unparalleled glimpse into authentic life and culture, centuries-old traditions and history, magnificent landscapes and wilderness.

Siberia is a symbol of the real.

The magazine presents articles and images by Russian journalists and photographers, winners of the most recognized national and international awards such as Russian ‘Golden Pen’, World Press Photo and National Geographic Photo Contest

Since its beginning in 2009 Hidden Siberia has published 15 issues and 3 special projects: A Window on Siberia, A Different Sky and Altai.

The magazine print edition circulation in Russia is 10 000 copies with more than 50 000 readers per issue.

Russian Print Edition Covers 

Due to the wide variety of topics and writing styles Hidden Siberia was acclaimed by both critics and the public.

In 2009 the pilot issue won an award for Best Siberian Magazine at the Russian Festival of Print Media. Later it was twice awarded for Concept and Editorial Excellence by the Russian Union of Journalists.

In 2011 A Window on Siberia, the special project of Hidden Siberia, won in the category of ‘Siberian Exclusive’. 

Last winter we were travelling through Altai. It was morning. There was not a soul around. The road was empty. All was quiet. No bird chirped and no branch stirred. Only the sound of the wheels gritting against the icy tarmac could be heard.

We travel in silence.

By the time we reached Gromotukha Pass the day had brightened Nikolai, the driver, picked up speed, pulled out another cigarette and suddenly froze.

- Look, wolves! – He said, ppering into the distance.

- Where? – I asked in disbelief.

- There! Straight ahead.

I squinted near-sightedly: wolves they were, running slowly to the left of the road in each others tracks. Hearing the noise of the engine, they hesitated for a second, and then carried on unperturbed. Four wolves.

After about a minute we caught up with them. Our GAZelle slowly crawled along the road, and one hundred and fifty meters from the curb the pack moved silently across the snowy crust.

- Damn! They know no fear! – Said Nicholai indignantly.

He made a long signal with the horn. The head of the pack turned, glancing indifferently in the direction of the car.

"If old man Peregudov was here they would” – I thought, following the wolves with my eyes. Nicholai reached for his lighter and lit up.

Abstract from "Peregudov the Wolf-Hunter" by Igor Severgin (Editor-in-Chief of Hidden Siberia Magazine).

In 2014 Hidden Siberia published the first print edition in English. Translation was made by British translator, writer and cross-cultural communicator Joanna Dobson.

She writes about the project:

‘A Window on Siberia, has been the most enjoyable translation project I have so far undertaken – because the journalistic style portrays the real Siberia; because there is none of the sensationalising, irony or ‘othering’ that one so often meets in texts about Siberia and its people. The articles play an essential role towards filling the gaping cultural information gap that exists with regard to Siberia in the west. Working on the translation of A Window on Siberia at my London desk I felt my travels through the diverse regions of Siberia continue. As the words made their way onto my screen I was back there in those diverse lands, meeting more of the faces, of man, bird and beast, that made my journeying through Siberia unforgettable.’.

The English-language print book release is now being negotiated with foreign publishers.

Интернет-портал «Неизвестная Сибирь» (16+)

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Печатное издание «Неизвестная Сибирь»

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