Joanna Dobson – a British translator, writer and cross-cultural communicator.

With English as her native language Joanna studied Russian and German at Cambridge University. She moved to Novosibirsk, Siberia in 2002 where she taught English as a foreign language. Later she settled in the Altai Republic, southern Siberia, where she spent the next few years researching rock art and the Altai indigenous culture. 

As a translator she has worked with the Russian Academy of Sciences Archaeology and Ethnography Research Institute, the Fund for the Sustainable Development of Altai, the Altai-Sayan United Nations Project for the Conservation of Biodiversity and the Altai Parliament. Whilst living a fairly remote, hermetic lifestyle in Altai, she translated books for private authors, titles including: Last of the Shor Shamans, Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains, Cosmoplanetary Integration (scientific articles by Novosibirsk scientists Kaznacheev and Dmitriev on the Noosphere), and the Russian best-seller, Transurfing Reality by Vladim Zeland.

She is currently based in the United Kingdom where she is writing a book about her experiences as an explorer-translatorthrough Russia. Her field notes, published articles and talks are available at