Hidden Siberia


A cool place A quick glance at a map is enough to understand that Siberia is a land of great rivers and lakes. And the people who assimilated these harsh spaces settled mainly along the banks of the rivers where there were practically no roads to speak off. And ...
A cool place
Peregudov the Wolf Hunter Last winter we were travelling through Altai. It was morning. There was not a soul around. The road was empty. All was quiet. No bird chirped and no branch stirred. Only the sound of the wheels gritting against the icy tarmac could be heard. We trav...
Peregudov the Wolf Hunter
‘Ukha’ (fish soup) in the Siberian forestExpressed in grandiose fashion 'ukha' is a triumph, a culinary diamond in the dazzling crown of high Russian cuisine. You could say that 'ukha' (Russian fish soup), for all the tales, proverbs and sayings that have been dedicated to it, is a legendar...
‘Ukha’ (fish soup) in the Siberian forest
When will Moscow grow into Siberia?Tobolsk, a town on the right bank of the Irtysh River near its confluence with the Tobol River... Seat of the Tobolsk Governate... Founded by the Cossack leader Danil Chulkov in 1587, moved to its present site in 1610... Boston, capital of Massachuse...
When will Moscow grow into Siberia?
Roedeer rescueIn the last days of April ranger Viktor Makashov and I set out by boat to see whether the ice floe at the river mouth had melted. The middle of the river was already clear. Just a crust of ice left along the edges of the bank.Having stopped at the side of the river we scoured the nearby slopes with our binoculars and enjoyed the silence. But then we heard a melodic sound, like the jingle of crystal bells. At first we thought we must have imagined it. But the sound continued. Carefully studying the water’s surface we caught sight of a roedeer throwing itself up against the r...
Roedeer rescue
Huts in the cloudsIf a parallel world does exist, you will find it here at the Krasnoyarsk Stolby Nature Reserve. The huge intricately shaped stony blocks rise amid a thick forest reaching up to 100 meters in height, and aged more than 600 million years. It is hard to...
Huts in the clouds
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