Hidden Siberia | Неизвестная Сибирь


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Enthusiasts’ Highway

Igor Severgin

Three Hundredth of a Person

Sergey Maksimishin

Downriver Undyulyung

Zakir Umarov

‘Ukha’ (the Fish Soup) in the Siberia Forest

Evgeniy Vishnevskiy


It is Tough on Glamour in the Taiga…Today there are three Russias: The Russia of glamour, land of glossy magazine covers, billionaire ratings, show-business blonds, tickets to the Canary Islands, very expensive psychoanalysts and diamante seamed stockings. It is a country of luxuries and pink limousines. The second Russia hardly glitters diamonds. It is the Russia we are familiar with from the news columns and publications in the western press. If you did not leave your flat for any length of time and followed what was happening via the internet you would be quick to assume that we live in an endless crime re...
It is Tough on Glamour in the Taiga…
Downriver UndyulyungYakutia is a land of fishing legends. Grayling, mackerel, huge pike and giant Siberian trout all came alive in the tales of those lucky enough to have been there. And afterwards they come to life in my imagination....
Downriver Undyulyung
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